Sunday, December 28, 2008

♥ Are you ready for 2009?

It's already late & we were supposed to rest early cos our flight will be early in the morning tomorrow. So, pardon the short descriptions. :p The price range for this batch is a bit high but trust us, they're worth it (really good quality material & great workmanship).

1. Puffy Tulle Dress: RM52 Only Lavender Left
Transferred to Bargain Bin!

Cat Purr: *Squeals in excitement* This is our first tulle dress. Love the layer of tulle, with strips of satin sewn over it. Oh, and the bubbled hem of the 2nd layer, creates volume to the skirt! ;) You can even wear it as a highwaist skirt :p. Adjustable straps & smocked back.

ND036: Lavendar, Red Rosette, Fairy White & Classic Black. Free size (fits UK4 to UK8)
Measurements: Pit-to-pit = 12inch, Underbust = 12inch, Length (excluding straps) = 25.5inch
Material: Satin & Tulle

2. Shall We "Bow": RM65
Transferred to Bargain Bin!

Cat Purr: Looking for something other than babydoll cut dresses? This dress has an interesting sillhouette swept us off our feet. Silky dress with lovely bow on shoulder. Subtly pleated skirt with tie-back sash. We love the panelling of the dress & how they're sewn together. Hidden side zipper.

ND037: Off-white (2 pieces) & Sweet Pink (1 piece). Free size (fits UK4 to small UK8)
Measurements: Pit-to-pit = 16inch, Waist = 14inch, Length = 32inch
Material: Thick Satin

Although we won't be around, do send in your orders! We'll get back to you as soon as we can, we pinkie promise you. ;) Toodles! Have a nice weekend ahead.

Friday, December 26, 2008

♥ Cat's Creation: Kerchief Maxi & Beanies

Finally!! Another Cat's Creation post! Had been wanting to sew/handmade things for Cat in a Bowl but was tied down by heavy workloads :( . So, before the next wave of work hits me, I have sth for you.

Crochet Beanies!

Everyone is spotting one of these nowadays - celebrities, socialites, models. :p I think it's adorable and so I made them. Mine might not be as perfect as what you see on the shopping rack but they're made with personal touch of love ;) Can't wait to make more of these!!

1. Dark Blue Beanie with Bow: RM18 SOLD OUT
Real Colour
Cat Purr: I made a blue one after seeing Jenny wearing it on Gossip Girl. ;) Fell in love with the colour. When I finished, I found that it was quite plain, so I added a bow. The bow is detachable & can be used as a hairclip instead. :D

PS004: Blue (1 piece only) SOLD OUT
Measurements: To be updated
Material: Yarn

2. Beige Crochet Beanie with Big Wooden Button: RM18 SOLD OUT

Cat Purr: The pattern for this is not flat as the blue one. I added some wavy details to it. Added a big wooden button & voila! The button is not detacahable though.

PS004: Beige (1 piece only) SOLD OUT
Measurements: To be updated
Material: Yarn

Satin Kerchief Maxi!
Had been wanting to make these in ages but didn't have time to complete them. The fabric had been lying in my drawers for so long already & alas, made them into gorgeous (tak tau malu :p) maxi dresses.

1. Cat's Floral Satin Kerchief Maxi: RM50 SOLD OUT

Cat Purr: I love fabric shopping! Cos I like to imagine what I can make out of those polka print linen, those gorgeous looking satin, those flowy chiffon.. :p hmm.. fabric fetish. LOL! Anyway, I love sewing kerchief maxi cos it's so easy to do! This maxi comes with cross-back adjustable straps. Take note that the print for both the blue & gold floral is different but they're equally gorgeous. Oh, I made the gold floral print dress a lil shorter than the blue one to cater for petite chics. ;)

PS003: Blue Floral & Gold Floral. Free size (fits UK6 to small UK12) SOLD OUT
Measurements: To be updated
Material: Satin

That's all for today. Cat in a Bowl will be going away (for holidays!!!) starting from 28th to 31st Dec 2008. We might not be able to reply to your mails/messages/orders. Please bear with us & we'll try to get back to you as soon as possible. Oh, we might have another update coming up tomorrow (that is if we're able to take a few hours off packing). ;)

Have a nice weekend! Will miss you sugars!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

♥ Merry X'mas

Merry X'mas!!!

We've a massive update this week! :p Bags coming up tomorrow yeah, so stick around.

1. Drop-crotch Highwaist Pants: RM58
Transferred to Bargain Bin!

Cat Purr: Our all-time favourite - highwaist pants! We've seen long & short highwaist pants, this time round we have them in calf lenght. This pair of highwaist pants comes with detachable sash. The cutting is kind of drop crotch. Trust us, you will love it!

LP005: Grey (S & M) and Black (S & M). Comes in size S & M.
S: Highwaist = 13inch, Crotch = 16.5inch, Length = 33inch, Hips = 21inch, Calf Width = 6.5inch
M: Highwaist = 14inch, Crotch = 16.5inch, Length = 33inch, Hips = 22inch, Calf Width = 7inch
Material: Cotton

2. Stripey Micro Skirt: RM35 Only Red Left
Transferred to Bargain Bin!

Cat Purr: This is damn cute!!! We suggest that you wear it with your leggings though :p. But if you're really really petite, you can pass it as a skirt. The ra-ra skirt is made of cotton with a velvety like finishing. The wasitband is very stretchable. Seriously, we can't stop saying that it's really adorable. :p

HWS009: Brown, Red & Black. Free size (fits UK2 to UK6)
Measurements: Waist = 11.5inch, Length = 10.25inch
Material: Cotton

3. Paint Me Maxi: RM52 Only Red 1 Left
Transferred to Bargain Bin!
Red 1
Red 2

Cat Purr: The print on this maxi does indeed look like a painting. A piece of art.. :p. This maxi can be worn as a halter. See the cute lil keyhole? Sexy, right? You can also tie the strap around your waist for a different look. Oh, you can remove the strap totally & wear it as a tube dress. Smocked at the back for better fit.

LD019: Red 1, Red 2, Green & Purple. Free size (fits UK6 to small UK12)
Measurements: Pit-to-pit = 13inch, Length = 49inch
Material: Satin