Sunday, March 29, 2009

♥ You don't have to stop shopping during recession

1. Skipper Tube Dress: RM38 Left with Black with Light Grey Stripes
Black & White stripes

Black & Light Grey Stripes

Black & Dark Grey Stripes

Cat Purr: Stripes nautical inspired tube dress. Sexxay! We just love the romantic ruffles & tulle added to the else boring tube dress. Perfect for night out to the club! Or you can wear a pencil skirt over it, throw on a blazer & you're so ready for work/presentation.

TD017: Black with White stripes, Black with Light Grey stripes & Black with Dark Grey Stripes. Free size (fits UK4 to UK8).
Measurements: Pit-to-pit = 12inch, Length = 27.75inch
Material: Jersey

2. Min Gingham Tubedress: RM39


Cat Purr: Gingham tube dress with bow at the front. Lovely colour combination. The waist area is not tight fitting, so, we think it'll look better with a belt. :) Comes with removable adjustable bra straps. Elastic band at the back with hidden side zipper.

TD018: Blue, Red & Purple. Free size (fits UK6 to UK10).
Measurements: Pit-to-pit = 13inch, Length = 26inch, Waist = 13.25inch
Material: Thin Cotton

3. Have a Smurf Day!: RM19 Left Red Only

Cat Purr: No harm adding another long tee in your wardrobe. :p One of our fave cartoons of all time. Damn cute, right?

GT004: Grey, Brown, White, Yellow & Red (Reserved). Free size (fits UK4 to UK8).
Measurements: Pit-to-pit = 16.5inch, Length = 23.5inch, Shoulder = 13.5inch
Material: T-shirt (Handwash only)

4. Volkswagen: RM19
Cat Purr: This is the combi Volkswagen van used by Dharma Initiative in Lost. :p Vintag-y print.

GT005: Grey, Brown, White (Reserved), Yellow, Green & Red. Free size (fits UK4 to UK8).
Measurements: Pit-to-pit = 16.25inch, Length = 23inch, Shoulder = 14inch
Material: T-shirt (Handwash only)

Friday, March 27, 2009

♥ What are little girls made of?

1. Tutu Skirt: RM35 Only Black Left

Cat Purr: So cute can die! Basically made us dropdead in our shoes. Instead of the conventional tulle all over, this tutu skirt has layers of tulle at the front part only. Very KatyPerry-like, yeah? The cutting is not flare, you can still look like a lady with a touch of lil girl's charm.We totally dig the bow & the opening design where all the tulle flows out. Eh, just realised that maybe you can wear the front as the back.. that will be totoally adorable! Elastic band at the back.

HWS013: Black (3 Sold, 1 Reserved) & White. Free size (fits UK4 to UK8).
Measurements: Waist = 13inch, Length = 13.5, Hips = 16
Material: Cotton + Tulle

2. Moo... : RM48

Cat Purr: Haha.. the print looks either like dalmation or moo moo. Ahh.. we will settle with moo moo. Let us know if you think otherwise. :p I bet the metal studs craze has caught up with you, hasn't it? This one piece dress features an attached lace-up waistband with studs detail! Awesome, right? We love the colourful top, which makes us feel like a kid again. Be fun & be bold, sugars! Smocked at the back.

ND051: Red (Reserved), Pink, Blue & White (Reserved). Free size (fits UK4 to UK8).
Measurements: Pit-to-pit = 14inch, Shoulder = 13.75inch, Length = 31.5inch, Highwaist = 11inch
Material: Cotton + Jersey

We might have another update this weekend. We'll see! Till then, love y'all!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

♥ Spring is in the air

1. Ruffles Zipper: RM45
Dark Blue
Light Blue
As seen on ViVi Mag

Cat Purr: The fierce zipper look is already hitting its high note. But with girly tiered ruffles? How could you resist that? It's super highwaist & the length is super cute. You can almost pair it with any top, from tube tops, long sleeves, corsets. On top of that, you can totally wear it as a tube top for a change. 2in1 :D. Smocked waistline with functional exposed zipper.

HWS012: Dark Blue (3 pieces - 2 Reserved, 1 Sold) & Light Blue (4 pieces - 1 Reserved, 3 Sold). Free size (fits UK2 to small UK10).
Measurements: Highwaist = 9.5inch, Hips = 18inch, Length = 15.75inch
Material: Denim

2. Tulip Toga Dress: RM40 SOLD OUT

Cat Purr: We love this structured one-shoulder dress! Instead of the normal ruffles all over, it's simple & easy to style. You can definitely dress up or dress down with this piece of baby. Elastic band at the back.

ND050: Beige, Red, Pink & Black. Free size (fits UK6 to small UK10). SOLD OUT
Measurements: Pit-to-pit = 16inch, Waist = 14inch, Length = 33inch
Material: Cotton+Polyester
3. Jom, main dam!: RM46

Back View

Cat Purr: Demure looking, super adorable & comfy. Love the huge peterpan collar & the chessboard like print with tiny ric rac like trimming. Stretchable underbust. Can be worn off-shoulder as well.

ND049: 3 pieces (2 Reserved, 1 Sold). Free size (fits UK6 to small UK12).
Measurements: Pit-to-pit = 16inch, Underbust = 12inch, Length = 34.5inch
Material: Thin Cotton

4. Silky Slinky: RM55

Cat Purr: This dress flows with your body movement. Cooling material. Trust us, the dress looks so much better in real life. Ruffle panels at the front & back. Can be worn as tube dress, off-shoulder or evern one-shoulder. :) Elastic band at the waist area.

CD009: Cream, Black (Reserved) & Purple. Free size (fits UK6 to small UK12).
Measurements: Pit-to-pit = 13.5inch, Underbust = 9inch, Length = 32.75inch
Material: Silk Chiffon (with inner lining)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Backorder Rules

We've been very, very lenient in backordering. Most of the time not asking for advanced payment like other blogshops. But now we can't afford to be that nice anymore & we now understand why so many blogshops have this "No payment, no restock" rules. There're far too many cases where girls asked for backorders but backed out after we've restocked for them. We're at the losing end if things go on like this. We're really sorry but we have to see the $$ before we proceed with your backorders. So here it is!

1. Advanced full payment for backorder shall be made before midnight of every Friday. We'll go to supplier's on Saturday mornings. Anyone who misses the dateline will have to wait for the following week.
2. Prior to payment, we'll call our supplier to confirm stock avaibility so that you do not have to pay us in case of stock unavailability.
3. If due to any unforseen circumstances that our supplier ran out of stock (although they confirm stock avaibility earlier), we will make a full refund to you.

We're trying to be fair & square here. Hope y'all will understand.


Saturday, March 14, 2009

♥ Timeless to me

1. Sequins Toga Tunic: RM43 SOLD OUT

Cat Purr: Sexy-licious one-shoulder tunic top. Looks great with lame leggings, don't you think so? We love the sequins embellishment at the shoulder strap. Really glams up the else plain looking tunic. ;) Can be worn as a minidress for the petites. Slightly cuff hemline.

NT046: Dark Blue, Grey, Black & White. Free size (fits UK6 to UK10). SOLD OUT
Measurements: Pit-to-pit = 14inch, Length = 29.5inch, Hem Width = 15.5inch
Material: Jersey

2. Ruffles Truffles: RM42 Only Black Left

Cat Purr: Sleeveless, pleated high collar shirt with ruffles panels sewn at the bust area. Small keyhole at the back with button closure. This top will certainly not go out of style. Elastic hemline to create a puffy look.

NT047: 2 Black & White. Free size (fits UK6 to small UK12).
Measurements: Pit-to-pit = 18.5inch, Length = 24inch
Material: Thin Cotton

3. Look at my Back II: RM48 Only Sky Blue Left

Cat Purr: This seemingly innocent & simple looking dress has a hidden agenda behind her. :p Definitely a show-off-your-back piece. There're 2 piece of sash where you can style the dress anyway you want, let your imagination runs wild, sugars! They can be tied to a simple bow at the back (shown in the grey piece) or you can criss-cross them at the back, bring it to the front & tie around your waist (shown in the sky blue piece). You can even wear the back as the front! (shown in dark blue piece). We think the possibility is endless. ;)

ND046: Sky Blue, Dark Blue, Grey & Black. Free size (fits UK6 to UK10).
Measurements: Pit-to-pit = 16.5inch, Length = 31.5inch, Hem Width = 18inch, Waist = 14inch
Material: Jersey

4. The Futuristic Dress: RM49 Only White Left

Cat Purr: Eccentric looking big collars give this dress a dash of futuristic look. Deep-v neck design with A-line cut skirt. Comes with removable sash. Sligthly smocked at the back. Inner bustier top is not included in the purchase.

ND048: Electric Blue (black sash) & White (white sash). Free size (fits UK6 to UK10).
Measurements: Pit-to-pit = 16inch, Length = 31.25inch, Waist = 12.5inch
Material: Cotton

5. Carla Denim Dress: RM46

Cat Purr: Flipped design at the neckline creates a faux collar look, which we think is really cute. ;) Oh, check out those vintage looking buttons! The neckline is not too low, so you don't have to wear to tube top inside. Halter neck design with elastic band at the back. Hidden side zipper.

ND047: Blue, Black & Grey. Free size (fits UK6 to UK10).
Measurements: Pit-to-pit = 13inch, Length = 28.75inch, Waist = 14inch
Material: Light Denim

6. Square Buckle Patent Belt: RM23

Cat Purr: This is so versatile! Goes well with just anything. ;)

BB005: 2 White, Black & Purple. Free size.
Measurements: Overall Length = 44inch
Material: PVC

7. I'm Marilyn Monroe: RM29 SOLD OUT
Original Buttons

Replacement Buttons

Cat Purr: Remember this? Actually we still have one last piece in off-white. But with one original button missing, so we didn't sell it off. Now, we've actually replaced the row of buttons to a new set of buttons & it's going at a cheaper price.

VT012: Off-white. Free size (fits UK6 to UK12). SOLD OUT
Measurements: Bust = 13.25inch, Underbust = 12.5inch, Length (from shoulder to hem) = 17inch
Material: Strechable Cotton