Friday, March 27, 2009

♥ What are little girls made of?

1. Tutu Skirt: RM35 Only Black Left

Cat Purr: So cute can die! Basically made us dropdead in our shoes. Instead of the conventional tulle all over, this tutu skirt has layers of tulle at the front part only. Very KatyPerry-like, yeah? The cutting is not flare, you can still look like a lady with a touch of lil girl's charm.We totally dig the bow & the opening design where all the tulle flows out. Eh, just realised that maybe you can wear the front as the back.. that will be totoally adorable! Elastic band at the back.

HWS013: Black (3 Sold, 1 Reserved) & White. Free size (fits UK4 to UK8).
Measurements: Waist = 13inch, Length = 13.5, Hips = 16
Material: Cotton + Tulle

2. Moo... : RM48

Cat Purr: Haha.. the print looks either like dalmation or moo moo. Ahh.. we will settle with moo moo. Let us know if you think otherwise. :p I bet the metal studs craze has caught up with you, hasn't it? This one piece dress features an attached lace-up waistband with studs detail! Awesome, right? We love the colourful top, which makes us feel like a kid again. Be fun & be bold, sugars! Smocked at the back.

ND051: Red (Reserved), Pink, Blue & White (Reserved). Free size (fits UK4 to UK8).
Measurements: Pit-to-pit = 14inch, Shoulder = 13.75inch, Length = 31.5inch, Highwaist = 11inch
Material: Cotton + Jersey

We might have another update this weekend. We'll see! Till then, love y'all!