Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Backorder Rules

We've been very, very lenient in backordering. Most of the time not asking for advanced payment like other blogshops. But now we can't afford to be that nice anymore & we now understand why so many blogshops have this "No payment, no restock" rules. There're far too many cases where girls asked for backorders but backed out after we've restocked for them. We're at the losing end if things go on like this. We're really sorry but we have to see the $$ before we proceed with your backorders. So here it is!

1. Advanced full payment for backorder shall be made before midnight of every Friday. We'll go to supplier's on Saturday mornings. Anyone who misses the dateline will have to wait for the following week.
2. Prior to payment, we'll call our supplier to confirm stock avaibility so that you do not have to pay us in case of stock unavailability.
3. If due to any unforseen circumstances that our supplier ran out of stock (although they confirm stock avaibility earlier), we will make a full refund to you.

We're trying to be fair & square here. Hope y'all will understand.