Tuesday, April 21, 2009

♥ Launching Soon!

We're 'moving in' on this Friday, 1st May 2009. :) Watch this space!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

♥ Dive in

1. Big Bow Tube Pantsuit: RM53

Cat Purr: Fall in love with this dual tone pantsuit, sugars! Calf-length paperbag pants with gathered neckline tube top. Tie-back sash which you can either tie it to the front or back. :) Chic & fun! Pair it with a belt or waist cincher to spice up the look. Waist area & top area are smocked.

JS010: Mustard, Grey & White. Free size (fits UK6 to UK8).
Measurements: Pit-to-pit = 8inch, Length (excluding straps) = 39inch, Waist = 10.75inch
Material: Cotton

2. Stonewash Jeans Tights: RM42 LEFT PINK ONLY

Cat Purr: This season must-have! Who would have thought that this 80's-90's trend would rise from the death again? LOL! Instead of the real deal, we have them in tights with skinny cut. The material is still light denim but with an elastic waistband - easy & comfy to wear. Perfect when pair with tunic top (tsk... we don't think you want your camel toe to be showing when wearing tights). Material is slightly stretchable. Oh, it comes in a inconventional shade of pink as well!

LP008: Blue, Black & Pink. Free size (fits UK4 to small UK8).
Measurements: Waist = 13inch, Crotch = 10inch, Hips = 17inch, Length = 37inch
Material: Denim

3. Another Zipper Dress: RM44 SOLD OUT

Cat Purr: What? Another zipper dress? Ahh.. don't get tired of this exposed zipper trend just yet. This one is a bit different from what we've seen. :) The tube zipper dress is attached to a jersey top, which creates an illusion of layering. Ruched bust with silver exposed zipper. Super cute, right? :p Comes with tie-back sash somemore.

ND055: Light Blue, Dark Blue & Grey. Free size (fits UK6 to small UK12).
Measurements: Pit-to-Pit = 18inch, Length = 32.5inch
Material: Cotton + Jersey

4. Chandelier Tunic: RM35 SOLD OUT (Restock)

Cat Purr: We can't quite make up what exactly is printed on this tunic but we think the graphic somehow remind us of chandelier. :p The cutting is very similar to those Topshop tunics. We just love the casualness of this piece. Simple with a style.Comes together with an inner camisole for layering purpose. Goes perfectly with our stonewash tights.

KD003: Pink, Grey & Black. Free size (fits UK6 to UK12). SOLD OUT
RESTOCK in Pink (4 pcs - 2 Sold, 1 Reserved, 1 Available)
Top: Pit-to-Pit = 19inch, Length = 34inch
Cami: Pit-to-Pit = 15inch, Length = 22inch
Material: Jersey

5. Flashing Colours: RM40
Blue Floral

Yellow Floral

Yellow Bow

White Bow

Black Bow

Cat Purr: Ditch those monotone tops. Colourful, vibrant & happy tops, here we come! We just can't take our eyes off this lovely tube top. Ruffles strips all over the bust area. Romantic, kan? Oh, we like the ruffle hem as well! Comes in 2 different prints - floral & bow. We can't decide which print is nicer because we love them both. :D Take your pick now! Smocked at the bust area.

CT003: Yellow Floral, Blue Floral (Reserved), White Bow, Yellow Bow & Black Bow. Free size (fits UK6 to small UK12).
Measurements: Pit-to-pit = 10.5inch, Length = 25inch
Material: Chiffon

Saturday, April 11, 2009

♥ Let's go picnic

1. Frills Collar: RM26 SOLD OUT

Cat Purr: A luxurious silk & lace frills collar.Gathered & ruffled. Collar has shape that beautifully sits around the neck. Great for styling dresses or simple tanks or tops. :) You can wear it wide or narrow for the Victorian look.

AC001: Black & White.
Measurements: Overall Length (without straps) = 36.5inch
Material: Satin & Lace

2. Round Studs Belt: RM35

Cat Purr: Punk looking belt with round gold studs. Round studs? We think they are just as pretty as square ones. Suitable worn low waisted. It will look great with your girly dress, really. The cost price is a bit high for this.. but for the quality & look, it's worth it. :)

BB006: Brown, Black & White. Free size.
Measurements: Width = 0.75inch, Overall Length = 41inch, Length from buckle to furthest hole = 35.5inch, Length from buckle to nearest hole = 29.5inch
Material: Round studs & faux leather

3. Spring Fever Dress: RM48 Only Orange Left

Cat Purr: Girls just love frolicking in floral floaty dress. :) Pleated bustline with square neckline. The waistband is ruched with row of satin buttons. Love the thick tafetta tie-back sash which can be tied into a quite big bow. :D The ruffled hemline is a plus point too! A definitely lovely & perfect dress for a picnic date. Smocked at the back for better fit.

ND052: Green, Orange & Red. Free size (fits UK6 to small UK10).
Measurements: Pit-to-pit = 14inch, Waist = 12.75inch, Length = 33.5inch
Material: Cotton with inner lining

4. Tiered Camisole Dress: RM45

Cat Purr: We love this simple camisole dress. :) Especially the tiered ruffles hemline. It might look shapeless but you can always add a belt to create nicer sillhoutte. Horizontal lace trimming at the dfront of the dress. Tiny buttons closure which you can unbotton & layer a tank or tube top inside. Elastic band at the back with adjustable straps.

ND054: Black, White (Reserved) & Beige Free size (fits UK6 to UK10).
Measurements: Pit-to-pit = 16inch, Hips = 18inch, Length (excluding straps) = 27inch
Material: Cotton

Sunday, April 5, 2009

♥ Sway My Way

1. Vintage Inspired Floral Skirt: RM40 Only Pink Left

Cat Purr: It's a sign that spring is coming. :) Heart the vintage-like floral print. Feminine flirty, full miniskirt. It will be a fun piece to mix & match for different looks. The red thin waist cincher comes together with the skirt. Elastic band at the back.

HWS015: Pink & Yellow. Free size (fits UK6 to small UK10).
Measurements: Waist = 13.5inch, Length = 14.5inch
Material: Thin Cotton with inner lining

2. Velvet Trenchcoat: RM50 Only Brown S Left



Cat Purr: We know, we live in a tropical country but fashion has no boundary isn't it? This rich velvet trenchcoat is stylish & cool. Comes with a matching sash which you can tie around your waist or tie it to the back. If not, you can replace it with a belt of your own as well. Simple design & slimming sillhoutte make it easy to wear with just anything. The quality is superb & considering the price, we think it's really a steal!

TC001: Black (S, M), Purple (S, M) & Brown (S). Size S (fits UK4 to UK6) & Size M (fits UK8 to UK10)
Size S: Pit-to-pit = 17inch, Length = 33.5inch, Shoulder = 14.5inch, Waist = 14.5inch
Size M: Pit-to-pit = 18.5inch, Length = 34.25inch, Shoulder = 15.25inch, Waist = 15.25inch
Material: Velvet with inner lining

3. Leopard Print Chiffon Dress: RM49 SOLD OUT
Cat Purr: Floaty chiffon dress with leopard print. Tiered ruffled hems. Leopard print garments don't have to look tacky. This one looks just as stylish. 3-D rose petals embelished the neckline. Time for a big ROAR!

CD010: Purple & Brown. Free Size (fits UK6 to small UK12) SOLD OUT
Measurements: Pit-to-pit = 17.5inch, Length = 32inch
Material: Chiffon with inner lining

4. Lux Satin Sleeveless Top: RM46 Only Black Left

Cat Purr: Flattering cut satin sleeveless top. Lightly pleated bust with waistband design. Lovely ruffles design at one of the shoulder straps. Looks good with skinnies or leggings. Or you can even tuck it into your pants or skirts. Good satin material and hence the slightly high price.

ST004: White, Purple & Black. Free Size (fits UK6 to small UK12)
Measurements: Pit-to-pit = 13.75inch, Length = 28inch, Waist = 13.5inch
Material: Satin