Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Tops, Tops & More Tops!!!

Sorry for being MIA for a long, long time. We were so looking forward for the next update but everytime we wanted to do it, something caught up. Alas! We have an update today. Teehee! And this time, we're bringing you lotsa tops... tops of all sort so that you will find sth you like. ;) Again, sorry for keeping you babes waiting.

1. Anna Jersey Top: RM32 LEFT WITH PURPLE
Transferred to Bargain Bin!!

Cat Purr: You always need this kind of versatile and simple top in your wardrobe. We love how the colour of the lining contrast with the colour of the top.

NT005: Blue, Purple, Black & White. Free size (fits UK8-12)

Phew! Finally we're done with this post. So, as per usual, if you like something from this post, do mail us @