Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Pre-Bijou Bazaar Post

This will be our pre-Bijou post. ;) After this week, we'll be getting ourselves ready for Bijou Bazaar and guess we'll keep the best for Bijou (so there won't b much updates after this)!! Lotsa shopping to do!! No doubt we'll have great fun doing it... excited habis-habis! hehehe.

1. Two-tone Toga Top: RM49 ONLY YELLOW LEFT
Transferred to Bargain Bin!!

Cat Purr: We've been looking up & low for nice toga tops and our wish was answered! We love the stripes and how they're angled. Note the cute bow attached at one of the shoulder. :D

NT013: Yellow, White, Black & Blue. Free size (fits S to small L).
Measurements: Bust = 14inch, Length = 26
Material: Jersey (top part) & Chiffon (bottom part)

2. Retro Print Kimono Top: RM47
Transferred to Bargain Bin!!

Cat Purr: This looks like one of the kimono tops I have in my closet, same cutting with different print. :D Trust me, a very pretty piece. And the retro prints really stand out compared to the normal floral prints kimono top.

KT004: Purple (3 1 pieces in size S) & Green (1 piece in size S, 1 piece in size M).
Size S: Bust = 14inch, Underbust = 10.5inch, Length = 23.5
Size M: Bust = 15inch, Underbust = 11.5inch, Length = 23.5
Material: Satin

We're in Bijou-mood right now. LOL!!! Anyways, drop us an email if you want to grab these pretty babies: