Monday, July 14, 2008

Bijou Bazaar @ Strudels Cafe Report

Again, we had a great time at Bijou Bazaar (made new friends and all)! This time round was held at Strudels Cafe (Lucky Bangsar Village). We hope you enjoyed yourselves as much as we do there and we bet you got really really good bargains. ;) Pardon our not so clear pictures.. some of them were taken with my HP. :(

The night before we went over to Strudels Cafe to book our spot. Met Maryam & pretty Jess from Makeup Fever Forever. Check out her site for minerals make up yeah! ;)

The "Before" Shots Upstairs

Marking our "territory" :p

Day 1 was too jam packed! Was supposed to have like 25 vendors but ended up with 30+. Every nook & corner in Strudels Cafe was occupied by stalls and the walkway was so sempit, ppl could hardly moved. By noon, the place was getting stuffy as more & more ppl thronged in. Our neighbours at our left & right were Bhajue Boutique & a lovely couple (sorry, didn't ask for their names :( ) who were there for only Day 1.

Our set up during the first day.

MimpiKita's Stall

Devotee by Millie inside the room

Stalls downstairs

Stalls at the corridor

Buy! Buy! Buy!

Performances on Day 1

We got more space on Day 2 as both our neighbours were not there. Being a laid back Sunday, the crowd was not so overwhelming but still ok. TV3 crew was there to cover the event.. i think it's for the program Remaja. Hehe.. they took some footage of Cat in a Bowl's stuff.. hope they will include those footage. :p Day 2 ended early for us because *sigh* we had to work the next day.
Setup on Day 2. Haha.. we fully utilized the space. :p

2 hot chics in Cat in a Bowl's denim dresses!

Strudels' goodies.

Our neighbour on Day 2, Peyek Kings!!

That wraps up the installment @ Strudels Cafe with Bijou Bazaar. Can't wait for the next one. ;)

A big thank you to Maryam & Wegra for the great event once again!