Wednesday, June 17, 2009

♥ WIP - Floral Jumper

Work in Progress!!

This is what we're making next! We got sick of making dress.. LOL! Just kidding. Just wanna try new things. It was a battle between highwaist shorts or jumpsuits - we picked the latter in the end. :) This is just a sample piece that we made, so it's not hemmed yet & neckline & armholes aren't done properly. Lotsa room for improvement & amendments. Probably will add self-tie bows at the shoulder strap. ;) But we still wanna keep it clean-cut & chic. Do comment & leave your feedback or suggestions! :D Hopefully this will turn out lovely!

Please do not ask us when we'll finish this.. we don't know cos we still have lotsa dresses to sew. Till then, bye & wish us luck!