Wednesday, July 22, 2009

♥ WIP - I live for That Look

Argh... we know! We have too many things backlogging. We received a lot of request for custom made dresses in other sizes but we are truly truly sorry that we can't cope with that at the moment. Please do bear with us yea. :)

But we just can't wait to show you what we're up to!

The draft!

Enough of sundresses! We're making playsuits. ;)

and a toga playsuit, that is. With full double layer ruffles neckline.

The back view.

Hidden side zipper.

This is the propotype piece. Unfortunately, when we went back to the fabric store to stock up this exact fabric it was all gone! We were so upset. But but, of course we found other alternatives which are nontheless gorgeous as well. The real thing is most probably gonna look exactly the same. Just that we're not soo happy how the pants part turns out. It's too tight for our liking. So, we're gonna do something to it.

We're currently working on the peplum dress, "Hand in every cookie jar" & some remake orders. After we are done, we will start sewing this playsuit. So, hang in there for a while!